orange tiny frog
Caught on Camera
The Scientist Staff | Aug 15, 2022
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Photograph of Humsa Venkatesh
Humsa Venkatesh Probes Cancer’s Grip on the Brain
Maddie Bender | Aug 15, 2022
At Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the cancer biologist is combining research into the tumor microenvironment with the principles of neuroscience to tease apart how cancers grow—and how to stop them.
Explore Diverse Topics with Digital Books
A Digital Library Designed for Scientists
The Scientist Creative Services Team, ACS Publications | Nov 4, 2021
Explore new areas and delve deeper into burning scientific questions with digital books.
Monica Bertagnolli standing in a hallway
White House Names Monica Bertagnolli as NCI Director
Andy Carstens | Aug 10, 2022
The announcement confirms earlier reports that Bertagnolli will become the first woman to lead the National Cancer Institute since its founding in 1937.
Kenneth Coale
Biogeochemist Kenneth Coale Dies at 67
Lisa Winter | Aug 4, 2022
He was known for his research on iron’s role in phytoplankton biomass.
smiling woman with hands on hips with blackboard in background
In Deep Water With Gül Dölen
Peter Hess, Spectrum | Aug 4, 2022
A researcher’s existential crisis led to a scientific breakthrough.
Leon Rosenberg in a grey sports coat
Physician and Geneticist Leon Rosenberg Dies at 89
Andy Carstens | Aug 3, 2022
He advanced the field of medical genetics, spoke out about reducing the stigma associated with mental illness, and captured attention for asserting that scientific evidence failed to demonstrate that life begins at conception.
the White House on a sunny day
Biden Names National Monkeypox Response Coordinator
Shawna Williams | Aug 2, 2022
FEMA official Robert Fenton and a deputy are charged with increasing access to tests, vaccines, and treatment.
Crossword puzzle with cool background
August 2022 Interactive Crossword Puzzle
Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon | Aug 1, 2022
Try your hand at a sciency brainteaser.
Photo of Makio Murayama
Handmade Hemoglobin, 1912-2012
Dan Robitzski | Aug 1, 2022
Makio Murayama, a Japanese-American biochemist who was turned away from the Manhattan Project due to his heritage, rose to prominence for his work uncovering the link between the structure of hemoglobin and the mechanisms of sickle cell disease.
Degeneration of dopaminergic neuron, a key stage of development of Parkinson's disease, 3D illustration
Ten Minute Sabbatical
Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon | Aug 1, 2022
Take a break from the bench to puzzle and peruse
A headshot of James Lovelock standing between tree trunks
Gaia Theorist James Lovelock Dies at 103
Andy Carstens | Jul 29, 2022
Lovelock’s environmental research improved humanity’s understanding of pollutants, but he’s best known for his hypothesis that Earth behaves like a self-regulating organism, which changed how scientists view the planet.
white rat on black background
Opinion: Hold Animal Use Committees Accountable for Their Failures
Lisa Jones-Engel | Jul 27, 2022
As a former committee member who now advises PETA, I believe that claims that the identities of committee members must be kept secret to protect their safety are unfounded.
National Science Foundation headquarters building
NSF Grant Funding Is Racially Biased, Study Finds
Andy Carstens | Jul 27, 2022
A review of more than two decades of data finds racial disparities in the success rate of National Science Foundation grant proposals.
a view of Washington, DC at night from across the river in Virginia
Reorganization Would Shift Responsibility for US Pandemic Response
Shawna Williams | Jul 21, 2022
The Biden administration plans to elevate the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response to its own division in a bid to improve the response to current and future public health emergencies, The Washington Post reports.
Street view of an office building partially obscured by green trees
Many Japanese Scientists’ Jobs at Risk from Labor Law Loophole
Dan Robitzski | Jul 19, 2022
Universities and institutes are preparing to terminate thousands of technically temporary researchers by next spring instead of granting them the permanent employment mandated by a 2013 labor law.
Three luminous liquids in test tubes
What If Scientists Shared Their Reagents for Free?
Amanda Heidt | Jul 18, 2022
Some researchers have decided to provide their products without financial compensation or expectations of authorship on resulting papers, prompting a flurry of new work.
Photo of Colin Carlson
Colin Carlson Works to Predict and Prevent Viral Spillover
Catherine Offord | Jul 18, 2022
The Georgetown University biologist studies how climate change contributes to the emergence of new zoonotic threats.
Professional headshot of Steven Seifert
Toxicologist, Doctor, and Jazz Musician Steven Seifert Dies at 72
Dan Robitzski | Jul 12, 2022
Seifert is well known for his clinical toxicology work, particularly his findings around snake envenomation and antivenoms.
Yves Coppens gives a speech at a lectern
Paleontologist and “Lucy” Codiscoverer Yves Coppens Dies at 87
Lisa Winter | Jul 11, 2022
Coppens, alongside Donald Johanson and Maurice Taieb, found a 3.2-million-year-old Australopithecus afarensis fossil in the 1970s.