Illustration of a doctor in medical coat and mask speaking at camera
Making the Most of Media Interviews
Katarina Zimmer | May 16, 2022
As the pandemic has underscored the importance—and benefits—of communicating science to the general public, it’s also highlighted the challenges that researchers can face in speaking with journalists.
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Enter Our Annual Top 10 Innovations Contest
The Scientist Staff | May 12, 2022
Submit your new product now to have a chance at being selected for a coveted spot in The Scientist’s 2022 competition.
mixing blue and pink smoke, symbolic of the muddled boundaries between sexes
Opinion: Biological Science Rejects the Sex Binary, and That’s Good for Humanity
Agustín Fuentes | May 12, 2022
Evidence from various sciences reveals that there are diverse ways of being male, female, or both. An anthropologist argues that embracing these truths will help humans flourish.
Ursula Bellugi smiling for the camera wearing a purple shirt in 2015
Ursula Bellugi, Leading Sign Language Neuroscientist, Dies at 91
Lisa Winter | May 11, 2022
Her research showed that communication via sign language is as neurologically complex as spoken language. 
A building at the Stanford University campus at sunrise
Stanford to Launch New Climate Change School This Fall
Amanda Heidt | May 5, 2022
The launch of the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability—the first new school at the university in 70 years—comes thanks to a $1.1 billion gift from a venture capitalist and his wife.
Miami skyline of skyscrapers next to ocean
How a Prominent Mexican Scientist Wound Up a Spy for Russia
Natalia Mesa | May 5, 2022
Hector Cabrera Fuentes, a renowned cardiovascular researcher, collaborated with Russian intelligence agents for more than a year, prosecutors said.
Brick building with two palms in front and fountain
Florida Faculty Await Details on New Tenure Law
Natalia Mesa | May 4, 2022
Professors in the Sunshine State may soon face an additional tenure review process under the bill, but not much is yet known about how it will change tenure retention.
Crossword article image
Ten Minute Sabbatical
Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon | May 2, 2022
Take a break from the bench to puzzle and peruse
Crossword article image
May 2022 Interactive Crossword Puzzle
Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon | May 1, 2022
Try your hand at a sciency brainteaser.
People holding signs
NYU Defends Against Backlash Over Potential Hire
Amanda Heidt | Apr 29, 2022
Hundreds of the school’s faculty, students, and trainees are protesting its consideration of David Sabatini, who left his previous posts after alleged sexual misconduct.
Smartphone with thumb over twitter icon
UK Funding Agency Apologizes for Role in Researchfish Controversy
Natalia Mesa | Apr 20, 2022
Researchfish is a platform commonly used to track the status of grants and the impacts of research. When academics were critical of the company online, Researchfish shared these comments with the largest funding agency in the UK, and the scientists’ comments were sometimes shared with their employers.
A headshot of Matthew Gage
Evolutionary Ecologist Matthew Gage Dies at 55
Amanda Heidt | Apr 20, 2022
The University of East Anglia researcher was best known for his contributions to the study of sexual selection, particularly post-copulatory sperm competition.
Older woman with grey hair staring at the camera
Adriana Hoffmann, Botanist and Environmentalist, Dies at Age 82
Natalia Mesa | Apr 18, 2022
Hoffmann traveled through Chile cataloging its rare flora. Later, she fought to defend the country’s forests from commercial deforestation.
Photo of Ana Marija Jakšic
Ana Marija Jakšić Shapes Fruit Fly Brains
Chloe Tenn | Apr 18, 2022
The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne evolutionary neurobiologist is using Drosophila to investigate how organisms adapt to novel environments.
Sidney Altman looks into the camera
Nobel Laureate Sidney Altman Dies At 82
Lisa Winter | Apr 14, 2022
The biophysicist shared the 1989 Prize in Chemistry for discovering RNA’s catalytic properties.
Arthur Riggs smiles for the camera
Geneticist Arthur Riggs Dies at 82
Lisa Winter | Apr 14, 2022
His research paved the way for the development of synthetic insulin to treat diabetes.
White academic building with blue dome on top surrounded by trees
China-US Climate Collaboration Ended Due to Security Concerns
Natalia Mesa | Apr 12, 2022
Texas A&M cited potential foreign interference when explaining why it shut down a jointly run modeling laboratory.
White rabbits are held in place with transparent restraints in a research laboratory
Lawsuit Alleges USDA Secretly Relaxed Animal Welfare Inspections
Dan Robitzski | Apr 7, 2022
A Harvard Law School lawsuit filed on behalf of animal welfare organizations accuses the United States Department of Agriculture of offloading the burden of inspecting animal research sites to a private third party, resulting in a system that the lawsuit describes as largely self-policing and less rigorous.
Building 10 on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Graduate Students Vote to Unionize
Catherine Offord | Apr 7, 2022
Plans to form a union affiliated with the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America were approved by a vote of 1,785 to 912.
President Biden meeting with a group of people in the oval office
Biden Orders More Research on Long COVID
Christie Wilcox | Apr 6, 2022
A new presidential memorandum requires the Department of Health and Human Services to coordinate a government-wide push to generate a research action plan for the condition.