disease & medicine, microbiology, ecology
Opinion: One Microbe’s 15 Minutes
David Smith | Jul 3, 2012
The recently hyped amoeba-flagellate Collodictyon has many secrets to tell about early eukaryotic evolution.
Killer Silk
Jef Akst | Jul 1, 2012
Silk impregnated with bleach may provide a new way to fight the formidable spores of the anthrax bacterium.
EPA to Regulate Greenhouse Emissions
Edyta Zielinska | Jun 28, 2012
A federal appeals court upholds the Environmental Protection Agency’s right to regulate air pollution under the Clean Air Act.
Mixed Report for Oiled Salt Marshes
Ed Yong | Jun 25, 2012
Louisiana’s salt marshes are recovering from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, but some areas have been irreversibly lost.
The Gigapixel Camera
Cristina Luiggi | Jun 22, 2012
A single camera unit can capture a moment in time at a mind-boggling resolution.
Nanoparticles Prevent Disease
Edyta Zielinska | Jun 22, 2012
Medical devices coated with selenium nanoparticles reduce the growth of a deadly hospital-borne infection.
Roundup from Microbiology Meeting
Edyta Zielinska | Jun 21, 2012
Some of the interesting stories researchers were discussing at this year’s American Society of Microbiology meeting in San Francisco.
“Extinct” Toad Rediscovered
Edyta Zielinska | Jun 21, 2012
A yellow-bellied dwarf toad, last sighted in 1876, is rediscovered in Sri Lanka.
West Coast Marine Threat
Cristina Luiggi | Jun 18, 2012
Rising ocean acidity along the California coast may wreak havoc in the region’s oyster populations.
The Ecology of Fear
Edyta Zielinska | Jun 15, 2012
Grasshoppers in fear of predation die with less nitrogen in their bodies than unstressed grasshoppers, which can affect soil ecology.