Colorful pills and capsules on a calendar background
Clinical Trial Registry Errors Undermine Transparency
Catherine Offord | Aug 2, 2022
A lack of comprehension among some researchers about how to use ClinicalTrials.gov may be hindering public access to trial information and holding up drug study results, an investigation by The Scientist finds.
Closeup of a person pouring several dietary supplement capsules into their open palm.
Vitamin D Pills Don’t Prevent Bone Fractures, Osteoporosis: Study
Dan Robitzski | Jul 28, 2022
A large trial adds to a growing list of conditions once thought to be helped by vitamin D supplementation.
3d render illustration of Single strand ribonucleic acid.
Message in a Bottle: Developing mRNA Therapeutics
The Scientist Creative Services Team, Mirus Bio | Jul 11, 2022
A high efficiency, low toxicity method for direct RNA delivery into cells.
A shipping pallet of vaccines with Novavax's logo on it
FDA Authorizes Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine
Christie Wilcox | Jul 14, 2022
Agency members express hope that the availability of a traditional, protein-based vaccine might convince holdouts to get vaccinated.
A gloved hand holds a tweezer and pulls a section of DNA away from a double helix
First Person Dosed in Novel Gene Editing Clinical Trial
Amanda Heidt | Jul 12, 2022
The biotech company Verve Therapeutics launched the study with the aim of using base editing to treat a genetic condition that causes high cholesterol and increases a person's risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
The Generative Biology Revolution
The Generative Biology Revolution Q&A
The Scientist Creative Services Team, Amgen | Jun 20, 2022
In this webinar event, Marissa Mock from Amgen will answer questions that delve deeper into the entire podcast series.
illustration of inside of gut with floating bacteria
Finding Could Pave the Way to New, Targeted Antibody Treatments
Natalia Mesa | Jul 8, 2022
IgA antibodies appear to bind to specific species of commensal gut bacteria in mice, according to a study.
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Air France Announces End to Research Monkey Transport
Andy Carstens | Jul 6, 2022
The shift is likely to add to an ongoing shortage of primates used in labs, which could slow progress in future COVID-19 vaccine development and other areas.
The Generative Biology Revolution
The Generative Biology Revolution - A Special 4-Part Podcast Series
The Scientist Creative Services Team, Amgen | Jun 20, 2022
Welcome to The Generative Biology Revolution, a special edition podcast series produced by The Scientist’s Creative Services Team.
Tiny diverse scientists are studying the covid-19 virus under a giant microscope. Vaccine development concept
Opinion: Many Clinical Trials Fail to Navigate the Literature
Jacky Sheng, Jonathan Kimmelman, Deborah Zarin | Jul 5, 2022
Too often, studies that aim to develop new treatments for patients fail to adequately cite and build upon research that preceded them.
thin, rubbery-looking band with squiggly black channels running through it
Tiny Nerve-Cooling Implant Relieves Pain in Rats
Shafaq Zia | Jul 1, 2022
The device can chill nerves as small as a few millimeters across, but more testing and modifications are necessary before it could relieve pain in humans.
Setting High Standards for Antibody Production Using Nucleosomes
Setting High Standards for Antibody Production Using Nucleosomes
Fortis Life Sciences | Jun 20, 2022
A unique approach to antibody production that exposes antibody candidates to nucleosomes is revolutionizing best practices.
A conceptual 3D illustration of motor neurons degrading
Canada Approves Experimental ALS Therapy
Andy Carstens | Jun 14, 2022
The country’s provisional go-ahead could increase pressure already being exerted on the US Food and Drug Administration to approve the therapy.
Vaccine illustration&nbsp;
Infographic: Inducing Active Immunity Against Opioid Overdose
Tori Rodriguez | Jun 13, 2022
How scientists aim to induce an immune response against addictive drugs
Don Ingber engineered cystic fibrosis airway chips that recapitulate patient symptoms.
A New Model of Lung Disease Paves the Way for Personalized Treatments
Nele Haelterman, PhD | May 9, 2022
Scientists engineered a lung-on-a-chip model from patient cells that mimics cystic fibrosis.
Illustration of a syringe with a person falling out of a bottle of pills
Opioid Vaccines as a Tool to Stem Overdose Deaths
Tori Rodriguez | Jun 13, 2022
Researchers are turning to the immune system for help in treating addiction and preventing overdose.
3D illustration showing neurons inside the brain
Experimental Pill to Treat Parkinson’s Is Safe, Trial Finds
Andy Carstens | Jun 10, 2022
Testing in animals and lab-grown cells suggests the experimental drug could enhance the function of lysosomes within cells.
Discover how flow cytometry accelerates drug screening
Adapting Flow Cytometry for Drug Discovery Workflows
The Scientist Creative Services Team, Bio-Rad Laboratories | May 3, 2022
Explore how flow cytometry innovations expand and accelerate cell profiling.
Microscopic view of Candida albicans
Science Snapshot: Taming the Fungus Amongus
Lisa Winter | Jun 8, 2022
Human mucus contains glycans that could one day treat harmful Candida albicans infections.
3D printed ear chalk white icon on dark background
Patient Implanted with Live, 3D-Printed Tissue in Medical First
Shawna Williams | Jun 2, 2022
An ear made from the person’s own cells was surgically attached in March, the company behind the technology says.