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Scientists "Spin" Results
Bob Grant | Sep 13, 2012
A new study of the scientific literature finds that researchers are guilty of overemphasizing the benefits of medical treatments.
Rethinking Herbal Medicine
Beth Marie Mole | Sep 10, 2012
A phylogenetic study of traditional plant remedies could aid drug development.
Opinion: Learning from Each Other
Myra H. Strober | Sep 7, 2012
Professional dialogue between scientists and non-scientists is not easy, but when successful, it can create powerful insights and relationships.
The NSF Shake-Up
Elise Andrew | Sep 7, 2012
The federal agency is shuffling around its programs to streamline management and promote international scientific collaboration.
Book Excerpt from The Hour Between Dog and Wolf
John Coates | Sep 5, 2012
In his latest book, author John Coates describes the tension and exultation of the trading floor from a biological perspective.
Capsule Reviews
Annie Gottlieb | Sep 1, 2012
Wired for Story, Dreamland, Homo Mysterious, and Vagina
Speaking of Science
The Scientist | Sep 1, 2012
September 2012's selection of notable quotes
Gifted in Science
Kerry Grens | Sep 1, 2012
Researchers look to the emerging phenomenon of "crowdfunding" to pay for their work
A Story Biological
John Coates | Sep 1, 2012
Using scientific information as narrative can be a powerful way to communicate.
Glass Shape Speeds Drinking
Jef Akst | Aug 31, 2012
The shape of the glass holding your favorite brew can affect how quickly you get drunk.