eukaryote, ecology
Pick your frog poison
Jessica P. Johnson | May 31, 2011
Human development may destroy natural habitats, but it could also provide amphibians with a safe haven from deadly fungal infections.
Micro Farmers
Cristina Luiggi | May 1, 2011
Columbia University evolutionary ecologist Dustin Rubenstein explains just why it's so interesting and important to find slime molds that engage in a form of agriculture.
Harvesting Ideas
Karen Hopkin | Apr 1, 2011
Joy Ward is reaping the rewards of her studies on how plants handle global climate change—gathering academic accolades and presidential embraces along the way.
Capsule Reviews
Bob Grant | Apr 1, 2011
The Great Sperm Whale, Noble Cows & Hybrid Zebras, Radioactive, Science-Mart
Kelly Benoit-Bird: Sounding the Deep
Carrie Arnold | Apr 1, 2011
Associate professor, College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University. Age: 34
Character Flaws?
Vanessa Schipani | Mar 1, 2011
Two lizard taxonomists champion the use of Bayesian species delimitation to settle taxonomic debates.
Capsule Reviews
Bob Grant | Feb 1, 2011
Quirk, Darwin's Armada, The Death & Life of Monterey Bay, Elegance in Science
Jaume and the Giant Genome
Daniel Grushkin | Feb 1, 2011
A newly minted PhD finds a 150-billion-base-pair-long DNA molecule in a plant.
Human Effects
Richard P. Grant | Jan 1, 2011
Editor's Choice in Ecology
The Coming Health Crisis
Samuel S. Myers and Aaron Bernstein | Jan 1, 2011
Indirect effects of global climate change threaten the health of hundreds of millions of people. The very uncertainty that shrouds this issue must serve as an organizing principle for adaptation to its ill effects.