<em>The Scientist</em> on The Pulse #3
The Scientist on The Pulse #3
Kerry Grens | Jan 28, 2014
Kerry Grens chats about ancient tooth decay, asthma, and fat cells.
Understanding Exercise
Understanding Exercise
Abby Olena | Jan 8, 2014
A small molecule released by muscles after a workout can contribute to the browning of white fat cells and to an increase in the breakdown of fat.
Healthy Lifestyle Lengthens Telomeres?
Healthy Lifestyle Lengthens Telomeres?
Kate Yandell | Sep 18, 2013
Diet, exercise, and stress management may lengthen telomeres, a new study shows, though some scientists are skeptical.
Stress Tests
H. Steven Wiley | Sep 1, 2012
Judiciously applied pressure could benefit the scientific system by providing an opportunity for renewal.
Wired to Run—and Think
Hayley Dunning | Jul 26, 2012
Evolving the ability to run may also have made our ancestors smarter, suggesting that exercise can be healthy for the brain as well as the body.
Exercise Alters Epigenetics
Hannah Waters | Mar 6, 2012
Exercise causes short-term changes in DNA methylation and gene expression in muscle tissue that may have implications for type 2 diabetes.
Cellular Workout
Megan Scudellari | Jan 18, 2012
Autophagy, the cell’s recycling system, may be responsible for the health benefits of exercise.