Artist’s rendition of a blue-green DNA double helix, viewed lengthwise from within one end.
Stem Cell Lines Riddled With Undetected Mutations
Dan Robitzski | Aug 12, 2022
Most of the human induced pluripotent stem cells stored at major cell line repositories and used in research harbor thousands of DNA errors, a study finds, highlighting the need for improved quality control measures.
Building with sign reading “Novartis”
Two Children Die After Receiving Novartis Gene Therapy
Andy Carstens | Aug 12, 2022
No deaths had previously been associated with the muscle-wasting treatment Zolgensma.
Discover how to Select and Design qPCR Probes
Selecting Probes That Rise to Any qPCR Challenge
The Scientist Creative Services Team, LGC Biosearch Technologies | Aug 3, 2022
Learn how to select qPCR probes that match downstream applications.
A male and female lizard sit together on a fence post with grass in the foreground
Climate Change Prematurely Ages Lizards Before They’re Born
Amanda Heidt | Aug 9, 2022
Lizards born to parents that experienced persistent heat had shortened telomeres, a genetic weathering that typically happens with age but can also be exacerbated by stress.
A twisted and folded illustration of single-stranded RNA in front of a blue background.
Deficient RNA Editing Implicated in Inflammatory Disease 
Alejandra Manjarrez | Aug 5, 2022
Genetic variants that reduce the editing levels of double-stranded RNA are associated with autoimmune and immune-mediated conditions, a study finds.
3d render illustration of Single strand ribonucleic acid.
Message in a Bottle: Developing mRNA Therapeutics
The Scientist Creative Services Team, Mirus Bio | Jul 11, 2022
A high efficiency, low toxicity method for direct RNA delivery into cells.
genome sequence text on screen 
Q&A: Whole Genomes of 150,000 Britons Reveal Novel Genetic Variants
Sophie Fessl | Aug 5, 2022
Height and onset of menarche are among traits linked to previously unidentified genetic variants in noncoding regions of the human genome.
Two researchers hold up giant waterlily
Science Snapshot: Holily Molily
Lisa Winter | Jul 21, 2022
The largest waterlily species in the world was incorrectly classified for more than 170 years.
A Scientific Figure of Speech
Science Philosophy in a Flash - A Scientific Figure of Speech
Iris Kulbatski, PhD | Jul 11, 2022
Beate Peter shares how her “scientific bilingualism” is the driving force behind her philosophy of science.
A desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria) on sand
Genome Spotlight: Desert Locust (Schistocerca gregaria)
Christie Wilcox | Jul 21, 2022
A chromosome-scale genome sequence for this infamous agricultural pest could help mitigate its plagues.
illustration of brain with DNA strand coming out the top
Genetic Underpinnings of Brain Activity May Differ in Autism
Emily Harris, Spectrum | Jul 19, 2022
A study finds that expression levels of certain genes that track with brain activity—particularly those involved in brain development—vary between people with autism and their non-autistic peers.
Two babies engaged in conversation, with one shouting in the other’s ear
Nurturing Early Language Skills Prevents the Behavioral Expression of a Genetic Trait
Iris Kulbatski, PhD | Jul 11, 2022
A new precision medicine approach is making life sweeter for infants unable to metabolize milk sugar.
A single neutrophil white blood cell in the artery with red blood cells floating around it
Missing Y Chromosome in Mouse Blood Causes Heart Dysfunction
Patience Asanga | Jul 16, 2022
An analysis of human data from the UK biobank also finds an association between Y chromosome loss and heart disease in men.
A gloved hand holds a tweezer and pulls a section of DNA away from a double helix
First Person Dosed in Novel Gene Editing Clinical Trial
Amanda Heidt | Jul 12, 2022
The biotech company Verve Therapeutics launched the study with the aim of using base editing to treat a genetic condition that causes high cholesterol and increases a person's risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
 Learn how genetics research identifies new targets for complex disease therapies.
Revealing Gene Functions in Health and Disease
The Scientist Creative Services Team, Fortis Life Sciences | Jun 29, 2022
Understanding genetic mechanisms that alter cellular pathways.
scanning electron microscope image of clawlike microscopic organisms on a smoother surface
Phyla of Tiny Filter Feeders Find a New Spot on the Tree of Life
Alejandra Manjarrez | Jul 6, 2022
A new study using fairly complete genetic datasets of two phyla of small suspension feeders (Ectoprocta and Entoprocta) reopens the debate on the phylogenetic relationships between them and other animals.
Illustration of a DNA virus sneaking genetic material into a host’s nucleus
Infographic: Possible Mechanisms of Gene Transfer in Eukaryotes
Christie Wilcox | Jul 5, 2022
Genetic studies have made it clear that eukaryotic horizontal gene transfer can and does happen. Exactly how, though, remains speculative.
Exploring how spatial relationships drive heart function
Mapping Out What Makes the Heart Tick
Nathan Ni, PhD | Jun 27, 2022
A novel atlas reveals region-specific links between structural, mechanical, and genetic properties within the heart.
Illustration of two weaving proteins 
Fusion with Spider Silk Increases Anti-Cancer Protein’s Stability
Dan Robitzski | Jul 5, 2022
Scientists found that combining the notoriously flimsy anti-cancer protein p53 with a domain from a spider silk protein resulted in a more stable hybrid that’s more potent and easier for cells to synthesize.
Cow image
Slideshow: Examples of Eukaryotic Horizontal Gene Transfer
Christie Wilcox | Jul 5, 2022
Horizontally transferred genes play significant roles in eukaryotic genomes