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Iron Builds a Better Brain
Ruth Williams | Jan 9, 2012
Brain imaging and gene analyses in twins reveal that white matter integrity is linked to an iron homeostasis gene.
Skin Cells Cause Cancer?
Cristina Luiggi | Jan 6, 2012
Certain skin-residing immune cells may—under specific conditions—play a direct role in initiating skin cancer after exposure to environmental toxins.
Blot Figure Fraud
Cristina Luiggi | Jan 4, 2012
A SUNY graduate student falsifies Western blot data used in meetings, grant applications, and submitted manuscripts
Another Chronic Fatigue Study Retracted
Bob Grant | Jan 3, 2012
After Science pulls the original article linking a mouse virus to the chronic fatigue syndrome, PNAS follows suit, yanking the only other study supporting the link.
Top Ten Innovations 2011
The Scientist Staff | Jan 1, 2012
Our list of the best and brightest products that 2011 had to offer the life scientist
It’s Easy Being Green
Richard P. Grant | Jan 1, 2012
Now RNA can glow in the cell, as only proteins could in the past.
Motor Lock
Edyta Zielinska | Jan 1, 2012
Editor’s choice in structural biology
Pits Stopped
Ruth Williams | Jan 1, 2012
Editor’s choice in cell biology
Lynne-Marie Postovit: Cancer Modeler
Sabrina Richards | Jan 1, 2012
Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Western Ontario. Age: 34
2011's Best and Brightest
The Scientist Staff | Jan 1, 2012
In its brief, 4-year history, The Scientist’s annual Top 10 Innovations contest has become a showcase of the coolest life science tools to emerge in the previous year.