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Australian Panel Recommends Science Revamp
Australian Panel Recommends Science Revamp
Bob Grant | Oct 5, 2012
A government-created committee suggests that Australia reinvigorate its biomedical research enterprise.
Obama's Science Report Card
The Scientist Staff | Oct 1, 2012
A look at what the President achieved during his first term in the areas of health, space science, energy, environment, and science education
Obamacare Will Affect Research
Bob Grant | Jun 29, 2012
The Supreme Court's decision to uphold President Barack Obama's health care reform law contains key provisions that will impact US science funding in the years to come.
University Hospitals Struggle
Edyta Zielinska | Mar 22, 2012
Through a confluence of events, academic medical centers could lose 10 percent of their revenue in the coming years.
Opinion: A Truly Public Lab?
Brian S. McGowan | Mar 21, 2012
Should the healthcare system support health and wellness data tracking for the purposes of long-term observational studies?
Pitch Perfect
Josephine Johnston | Jan 1, 2012
Academic detailing has the potential to significantly improve clinical practice.