histone methylation, microbiology, immunology
Outbreak Watch
Beth Marie Mole | Sep 26, 2012
International health officials are monitoring a new respiratory virus that has killed one person and left another in critical condition.
Surprise XMRV Retraction
Beth Marie Mole | Sep 21, 2012
The journal PLOS Pathogens abruptly retracts the seminal paper linking XMRV to disease.
NIH Clinic Outbreak Kills Again
Jef Akst | Sep 20, 2012
A seventh patient succumbs to a deadly, drug-resistant superbug terrorizing the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center.
Beating Drug-Resistant TB
Ruth Williams | Sep 19, 2012
Reinvestigating a natural antibiotic compound reveals its potential as a tuberculosis drug.
Opinion: Eliminating Meningitis
Rino Rappuoli | Sep 17, 2012
Many vaccines are on the market for various serogroups of meningococcal disease, but a solution to provide broad protection against MenB remains elusive.
Ants Select Better Microbes
Beth Marie Mole | Sep 14, 2012
Researchers identified the 3-step process leaf-cutter ants use to grow helpful bacteria on their bodies.
Bacterial Sentinels of Noses
Ruth Williams | Sep 12, 2012
Friendly sinus bacteria may keep sinusitis-causing strains in check.
Double-Edged TB Drug
Beth Marie Mole | Sep 12, 2012
A cheap pain reliever that can kill drug-resistant, tuberculosis-causing bacteria may never be tested.
Do it Yourself TB Test
Edyta Zielinska | Sep 5, 2012
With a cardboard box, a light source, and some filters, roadside clinics can accurately test for tuberculosis.
Flu Fights Dirty
Hayley Dunning | Sep 1, 2012
Mimicking a host-cell histone protein offers flu a sneaky tactic to suppress immune response.