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Papers to Watch
The Scientist Staff | Jul 1, 2007
Y. Zhou et al., "The mammalian Golgi regulates numb signaling in asymmetric cell division by releasing ACBD3 during mitosis," Cell, 129:163-78, Apr. 6, 2007. This excellent paper reports a novel means of coupling cell-cycle progression with cell fate decisions. The authors show that the fragmentation of the Golgi complex, which precedes mitosis of neural progenitor cells, releases a Numb binding protein, thereby modulating cell fate decisions fol
Key stem cell patents rejected
Alison McCook | Apr 2, 2007
US Patent and Trademark Office sides with scientists and consumer groups who had asked for a review of Wisconsin intellectual property
Papers to watch
The Scientist Staff | Mar 1, 2007
C.A. Feillet et al., "Lack of food anticipation in Per2 mutant mice," Curr Biol, 16:2016-22, Oct. 24, 2006. The two period genes, Per1 and Per2, are integral parts of biological rhythm generation in the body's master clock, housed in the hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nuclei. The authors show now that the absence of Per2 expression abolishes the centrally regulated anticipation of meal times without interfering with the entrainment of peripheral clocks by nu
Why you can?t smell infidelity
Brendan Maher | Jan 29, 2007
Some data have shown, not quite conclusively, that the major histocompatibility complex profile of a man plays some role in the type of woman he attracts. Women prefer non-matching MHC profiles, sometimes, but not all the time. These preferences haven't been followed up much in those aspects that go beyond simple mate choice. A newly published study in linkurl:__Psychological Science__;http://www.blackwellpublishing.com/journal.asp?ref=0956-7976&site=1 looked at 48 couples in long-term relatio
Esther Lederberg dies
Cathy Tran | Dec 6, 2006
Pioneering microbial geneticist was 83
MicroRNA evolution put to the test
Jeffrey M. Perkel | Oct 29, 2006
Two Nature Genetics papers probe evolution and functionality of microRNAs and their target sites
Former deCODE VP takes the stand
Susan Warner | Oct 15, 2006
Hakonarson testifies deCODE loses partnerships because Stefansson won't share corporate information
Beyond GFP
Chandra Shekar | Oct 1, 2006
Fluorescent repertoire expands with oranges, cherries
Predicting Nucleosome Position
The Scientist Staff | Oct 1, 2006
Research suggests a 'code' at work
Recombinant DNA: The First Report
Terry Sharrer | Oct 1, 2006
Credit: COURTESY OF TERRY SHARRER" /> Credit: COURTESY OF TERRY SHARRER In a series of experiments in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Stanley Cohen, Herbert Boyer, and their colleagues developed the techniques necessary to recombine genes in bacterial plasmids, allowing for their mass production and launching recombinant biotechnology as we know it. In 1973, the Cohen-Boyer team introduced a plasmid fragment from one strain of Escherichia coli, conferring kanamycin resistance in
Who's up for top WHO job?
Stephen Pincock | Sep 6, 2006
The field candidates for the top job at the World Health Organization is dominated by a list of current and former WHO insiders, it emerged on Wednesday. Of the 13 nominees to fill the post of director general that was linkurl:left vacant;http://www.the-scientist.com/news/display/23475/ earlier this year by the death of Lee Jong-Wook, four currently hold senior WHO posts and three have former connections to the agency. Lee?s unexpected passing in May forced the WHO to put in place an accelera
Save the Great Apes!
Jack Woodall | Sep 1, 2006
Should we repatriate wild-caught animals? And are some animals more equal than others?
Papers to Watch - Replication factories in action
The Scientist Staff | Sep 1, 2006
Replication factories in action
Mentoring to the Bottom Line
Betsy Alberty | Sep 1, 2006
No company is too small or too successful for a mentoring program to enhance productivity, leadership development, and employee retention.
U.S. names new NCI chief
Alison McCook | Aug 17, 2006
Deputy director John Niederhuber given permanent position at cancer funding agency
Editors warn of, but don't retract, implant study
Stephen Pincock | Aug 13, 2006
Unusual move receives support from critics of troubled paper suggesting breast implants may increase body levels of platinum
UK to review PhD visa vetting
Anna Farrelly | Aug 10, 2006
Decision raises concerns the government will strengthen restrictions on foreign-born students
Retrovirus invading koalas
Charles Q. Choi | Jul 5, 2006
Insertion-in-process provides firsthand look at how retroviruses get incorporated into genomes
The Big Picture in Microbial Genomics
Jeffrey M. Perkel | Jul 1, 2006
A revolution aids the study of unculturable microorganisms
The Discovery of Reverse Transcriptase
Jeffrey M. Perkel | Jun 1, 2006
In the spring of 1970 two young investigators shook the foundations of molecular biology's "central dogma," which holds that DNA is transcribed to RNA, which in turn is translated into protein.