Great Minds Don't Think Alike
Opinion: Bridging the Intellectual Divide
Marcelo Gleiser | Dec 1, 2021
To solve modern problems, we must integrate the sciences and the humanities and think across these traditionally disparate disciplines.
Cute sleeping newborn baby child on mother hands stock photo
Exposure to Chemical from Babies Linked to Aggression
Chloe Tenn | Nov 22, 2021
A study finds that the odorless compound hexadecanal, or HEX, increases aggressive behavior in women but has a calming effect on men.
A grid of images showing different cross sections of a human brain MRI.
Study Links Flu to Increased Parkinson’s Risk a Decade Later
Dan Robitzski | Nov 19, 2021
Epidemiological research suggests that a flu diagnosis might be one factor in the eventual onset of the neurodegenerative disease, but experts say it doesn’t prove a causal relationship.
Colorized scanning electron micrograph of Salmonella bacteria in intestinal tissue
Gut Infections Help Shield Intestinal Neurons from Future Damage
Annie Melchor | Nov 19, 2021
In mice, a kind of immune memory appears to protect the cells against future harm, a finding that could provide insight into treatments for irritable bowel syndrome and other inflammatory digestive conditions.
illustration of a broken DNA strand
DNA Damage Makes Zebrafish Sleepy
Sophie Fessl | Nov 18, 2021
Buildup of a DNA-repair protein in brain cells spurs shut-eye in the fish, a study finds, and similar results in mice suggest the mechanism is widespread in animals.
Artist's impression of the human microbiome
Diet Implicated in Autism-Microbiome Link
Ruth Williams | Nov 11, 2021
The unbalanced gut flora present in some people with autism is not a driver of the condition but rather a consequence of eating behaviors characteristic of the condition, a new study claims.
Rounded red and green fluorescent cells are visible on a light and dark gray background
Neurons Firing Together Generate Spontaneous Pain
Abby Olena | Nov 10, 2021
Abnormal sympathetic neuron growth leads to simultaneous activation of clusters of sensory neurons, causing the difficult-to-treat sensation.
Man in glasses smiling, looking off camera
Legendary Child Psychiatrist Michael Rutter Dies
Lisa Winter | Nov 10, 2021
He discovered that autism had strong genetic links.
Woman in red shirt sitting on sofa, looking at camera
Celebrated Neuropsychologist Muriel Lezak Dies at 94
Lisa Winter | Nov 8, 2021
She wrote the book on brain injuries.
A black and brown ant stands over various sizes of whitish purple, oval shaped larvae and yellow, oblong eggs
A Single Transcription Factor Changes Ants to Queens
Abby Olena | Nov 5, 2021
The transcription factor can also drive the opposite transition depending on which hormone activates it, according to a new study.
3D rendered illustration of a brain with signal waves in background to show the concept of consciousness
Book Excerpt from Feeling & Knowing
Antonio Damasio | Nov 1, 2021
In Chapter 1, “On Being,” author Antonio Damasio outlines the dawn of consciousness.
Rendering of an iceberg
Opinion: Being, Feeling, and Knowing: Our Path to Consciousness
Antonio Damasio | Nov 1, 2021
The idea that minds and consciousness might be generated by the nervous system alone is false.
Microscopic photograph of brain tissue demonstrating the characteristics of Alzheimer's disease
David Gate Probes Links Between Alzheimer’s and the Immune System
James M. Gaines | Nov 1, 2021
The Northwestern University researcher studies how adaptive immune cells influence neurodegenerative disease.
An artist's rendition of an RNA molecule in light blue on a dark blue background
Same RNA Acts in Neurodegeneration and Cancer
Abby Olena | Oct 29, 2021
The long noncoding RNA MINCR, implicated in ALS and Alzheimer’s disease as well as several types of cancer, appears to function differently when present at high versus low levels.