stubbed-out cigarette with smoke rising from ashes
Damage to Brain Network Curbs Urge to Smoke
Shawna Williams | Jun 16, 2022
A study finds that injuries to certain areas of the brain were associated with quitting smoking more quickly, easily, and with no cravings.
Artist’s rendition of bright blue microbes among intestinal lining
Study Links Depression with High Levels of an Amino Acid
Dan Robitzski | Jun 14, 2022
Experiments in animals and observations in humans suggest that the amount of proline circulating in one’s plasma has a strong association with depression severity.
The Scientist Speaks - Finding that Sweet Spot: Understanding Gut Perception One Cell at a Time
Iris Kulbatski, PhD | Apr 29, 2022
Maya Kaelberer discusses her research investigating how sensory cells in the gut guide feeding behavior.
A conceptual 3D illustration of motor neurons degrading
Canada Approves Experimental ALS Therapy
Andy Carstens | Jun 14, 2022
The country’s provisional go-ahead could increase pressure already being exerted on the US Food and Drug Administration to approve the therapy.
illustration of a branching neuron
Different Forms of Autism Have Opposite Problems with Brain Precursor Cells
Charles Choi | Jun 13, 2022
Compared with cells taken from non-autistic controls, neural precursors from autistic boys proliferated in atypical ways, a small study finds.
Visualize Transcript Location with Spatial Biology Techniques
Unraveling the Cellular and Subcellular Landscape Using Spatial Biology
The Scientist Creative Services Team, Resolve Biosciences | Apr 12, 2022
How to visualize gene expression patterns in situ
3D illustration showing neurons inside the brain
Experimental Pill to Treat Parkinson’s Is Safe, Trial Finds
Andy Carstens | Jun 10, 2022
Testing in animals and lab-grown cells suggests the experimental drug could enhance the function of lysosomes within cells.
Illustration of peach-colored microglia among light blue neurons. Both cell types are illustrated with multiple jagged extensions coming out of a spherical cell body.
Mouse Immune Cells Destroy Nerves’ Coating, Causing Chronic Pain
Patience Asanga | Jun 9, 2022

A study suggests a way in which acute nerve injury could trigger an autoimmune response that leads to continuing pain in mice.

Revealing Neuronal Influencers Among the Gut Microbiome
The Scientist Creative Services Team | Mar 2, 2022
In this webinar, Sarkis Mazmanian and Daniel Mucida highlight how intestinal bacteria influence neuronal function and regeneration.
A white lab mouse peers over the wall of a sprawling maze
Bacterial Metabolite May Regulate Cognition in Mice
Sophie Fessl | Jun 3, 2022
Microbes in the gut influence the death of support cells in the brain by producing isoamylamine, a study suggests.
GFP highlighting mouse neurons
Science Snapshot: How Brains Handle Surprise Parties
Lisa Winter | Jun 3, 2022
When unexpected events occur, norepinephrine signals mouse brains to pay attention to key details.
Explore how scientists determine the atomic structures of protein aggregates
Revolutionizing Neurodegeneration Research with Cryo-EM
The Scientist Creative Services Team, Thermo Fisher Scientific | Feb 22, 2022
Advancements in cryo-EM technology allow researchers to develop drugs and diagnostic tools for neurodegenerative diseases.
Archerfish in the deep transparent water.
Archerfish Defy Notion that Complex Vision Requires a Cortex
Amanda Heidt | Jun 1, 2022
The fish species is separated from mammals by hundreds of millions of years of evolution, yet its seemingly primitive brain can handle many of the same elaborate visual tasks.
Octopus in tank lined with black dots
Do Invertebrates Have Emotions?
Natalia Mesa | May 26, 2022
And how do scientists go about answering that question?
Stem Cell Transplant Treats Parkinson’s Disease in Monkeys
Roni Dengler, PhD | Feb 7, 2022
Personalized stem cells improved motor symptoms and depression signs in monkeys modeling Parkinson’s disease, paving the way for trials in human patients.
Microscopic image of nerves in the eye, a pathogen, and t cells
Science Snapshot: Eye Immunity
Lisa Winter | May 26, 2022
Researchers find that tissue-resident memory T cells in the corneas of mice engender a lasting immune response.
two muskoxen headbutting
Muskoxen Headbutts May Cause Brain Damage: Study
Patience Asanga | May 25, 2022
Researchers report molecular evidence of traumatic brain injury in headbutting animals, but other experts aren’t convinced.
Evangelos Kiskinis describes how the patient-derived iPSCs model of epilepsy help predict drug resistance.
The Scientist Speaks - Modeling Epilepsy in a Dish Using Patient-Derived iPSCs
Sejal Davla, PhD | Jan 28, 2022
Evangelos Kiskinis describes how the patient-derived iPSCs model of epilepsy help predict drug resistance.
Grey and white stones on a wooden plank
Eight Weeks of Meditation Doesn’t Change the Brain, Study Finds
Natalia Mesa | May 20, 2022
Study finds that, contrary to what other research has found, a popular meditation course does not appear to alter brain structure.
Alcohol bottles at a bar
Epigenome Editing Decreases Alcohol Seeking and Anxiety in Rats
Natalia Mesa | May 20, 2022
A CRISPR-based system that reverses epigenetic changes caused by adolescent binge drinking reduces adult addiction-like behaviors in rats, a study finds, suggesting that an epigenomic approach could someday help treat people with alcohol use disorder.