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Not cited | Feb 1, 2011
February 2011's selection of notable quotes
Appealing Choice
Erika Lorraine Milam | Jan 1, 2011
A book is born from pondering why sexual selection was, for so long, a minor component of evolutionary biology.
Eau de Choice
Richard P. Grant | Jan 1, 2011
Evolutionary biologist Jane Hurst at the University of Liverpool has found that male mice have evolved a cunning trick to distinguish themselves within the dating pool: they produce a specific protein that drives female attraction to male scent, and this molecule, called darcin, helps females remember a specific male's odor.
The Evolution of Volvox
N/A | Jan 1, 2011
The volvocine algae are a model system for studying the evolution of multicellularity, as the group contains extant species ranging from the unicellular Chlamydomonas to a variety of colonial species and the full-fledged multicellular Volvox varieties.
From Simple To Complex
Jef Akst | Jan 1, 2011
The switch from single-celled organisms to ones made up of many cells has evolved independently more than two dozen times. What can this transition teach us about the origin of complex organisms such as animals and plants?
Book Excerpt from Looking for a Few Good Males
Erika Lorraine Milam | Jan 1, 2011
In Chapter 2, "Progressive Desire," author Erika Lorraine Milam explores sexual selection’s incursion into evolutionary theory.
Amber treasures
Amber treasures
Bob Grant | Oct 28, 2010
See some of the newly discovered species preserved for millions of years in tree resin.
War zone
Mark W. Moffett | May 21, 2010
An invasive ant defies the rules of social evolution by conquering California with battles between enormous colonies that act like separate species.
Green team wins 2008 Nobel
Green team wins 2008 Nobel
Bob Grant | Oct 8, 2008
The researchers who aided in the development of the ubiquitous green florescent protein as a tool for cell and molecular biology have taken home this year's chemistry prize.
Nobelists Beat Adversity To Advance Science
Paul Smaglik | Dec 8, 1997
The recipients of the 1997 Nobel Prizes in science, who will receive their awards on December 10, have traveled the vigorous intellectual journey of science.