The Comfort Food Drug
Cristina Luiggi | Dec 9, 2011
Researchers found that stress eating can blunt the body’s stress response.
Sensing Fat
Beverly J. Tepper and Kathleen L. Keller | Dec 1, 2011
Are genes that alter the perception of fat making us fat?
The Scientist Staff | Dec 1, 2011
Meet some of the people featured in the November/December 2011 issue of The Scientist.
Anti-aging Pathway Questioned
Tia Ghose | Sep 21, 2011
A new study raises further doubts about the ability of proteins called sirtuins to slow aging, but the controversy remains unsettled.
The RNA roots of obesity?
Tia Ghose | Jun 8, 2011
By silencing two microRNAs, researchers were able to improve insulin sensitivity in overweight mice.