open access, developmental biology, microbiology
Cell Change Up
Cristina Luiggi | Feb 9, 2012
Imaging cell cytoskeletons during early embryonic development leads researchers to uncover a new regulator of cell shape
C. diff Infection Source Unclear
Sabrina Richards | Feb 7, 2012
Only a quarter of Clostridium difficile infections in one hospital system were traced to contact with a symptomatic patient.
Occupy Elsevier?
Bob Grant | Feb 7, 2012
A boycott of the publishing giant swells, but is the criticism warranted?
Federal Biosecurity Panel Speaks
Bob Grant | Feb 1, 2012
The US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity explains why it recommended redacting the details of studies reporting on a highly transmissible H5N1 strain.
Arsenic-based Life Challenged Again
Hannah Waters | Jan 24, 2012
An attempt to regrow the infamous GFAJ-1 bacteria, reported to incorporate arsenic into its DNA backbone, has failed.
Cracks Form in Anti-Open Access Push
Bob Grant | Jan 18, 2012
Academic and commercial publishers disagree on the legislation that would limit public access to federally funded research findings.
JSTOR For Free
Edyta Zielinska | Jan 17, 2012
JSTOR, the online archive of scholarly journal articles, is offering free but limited access to its database.
Iron Builds a Better Brain
Ruth Williams | Jan 9, 2012
Brain imaging and gene analyses in twins reveal that white matter integrity is linked to an iron homeostasis gene.
Anti-Open Access Rises Again
Bob Grant | Jan 9, 2012
A newly introduced bill that aims to block public access to publicly-funded research echoes similar bills that have been tried in the past.
Top Ten Innovations 2011
The Scientist Staff | Jan 1, 2012
Our list of the best and brightest products that 2011 had to offer the life scientist