publishing, ecology
Cleansing Chinese Publishing
Cristina Luiggi | Apr 26, 2012
The country vows to curb misconduct in scholarly publishing.
Dangers of Disclosure
Ruth Williams | Apr 25, 2012
Editors at PLoS Medicine suggest that merely disclosing conflicts of interest is insufficient and possibly even counterproductive.
Publish H5N1 Papers, Says US Gov’t
Jef Akst | Apr 23, 2012
The NIH agrees with the government advisory board’s recommendation to publish both controversial bird flu studies in full.
Melting Ice Releases Ancient Microbes
Megan Scudellari | Apr 19, 2012
Living cells escaping from Antarctic glaciers could speed global warming and affect marine life.
Spotted: Emperor Penguins
Cristina Luiggi | Apr 17, 2012
Satellites are used to count the number of penguins living in Antarctica.
Spotting a Giraffe's Age
Cristina Luiggi | Apr 11, 2012
A giraffe’s spots can give away its years.
Insect Battles, Big and Small
Megan Scudellari | Apr 10, 2012
Social insect soldiers not only protect the colony from insect invasions; some also secrete strong antifungal compounds to kill microscopic enemies.
Colony Collapse from Pesticides?
Edyta Zielinska | Apr 9, 2012
Yet another study demonstrates that how pesticides might be related to the collapse of wild bee colonies.
Poisonous Shrooms Battle Cancer
Megan Scudellari | Apr 4, 2012
A deadly mushroom toxin shrinks pancreatic tumors in mice.
Ants Share Pathogens for Immunity
Sabrina Richards | Apr 3, 2012
A new study shows that grooming by ants promotes colony-wide resistance to fungal infections by transferring small amounts of pathogen to nestmates.