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Epigenetics—A Primer
Epigenetics—A Primer
Stefan Kubicek | Mar 1, 2011
Epigenetic events regulate the activities of genes without changing the DNA sequence. Different genes are expressed depending on the methyl-marks attached to DNA itself and by changes in the structure and/or composition of chromatin. 
Environmental Impact
David Berreby | Mar 1, 2011
Research in behavioral epigenetics is seeking evidence that links experience to biochemistry to gene expression and back out again.
Resistant to Failure
Cristina Luiggi | Mar 1, 2011
A Duke University researcher survives a sticky situation at a federal research institution to make major strides in determining the genetic roots of Staphylococcus aureus antibiotic resistance.
Character Flaws?
Vanessa Schipani | Mar 1, 2011
Two lizard taxonomists champion the use of Bayesian species delimitation to settle taxonomic debates.
Ted Cohen: Travelling for TB
Amy Maxmen | Mar 1, 2011
Assistant professor, Department of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health. Age: 37
Mitotic Hijacker
Richard P. Grant | Mar 1, 2011
How a parasite sneakily ensures its own replication
Top 7 From F1000
N/A | Mar 1, 2011
A snapshot of the highest-ranked articles from a 30-day period on Faculty of 1000
Opening a Can of Worms
Bob Grant | Feb 1, 2011
A father’s determination to help his son resulted in an experimental treatment for autism that uses roundworms to modulate inflammatory immune responses. Can the worms be used to treat other diseases?
The Worm Crew
Bob Grant | Feb 1, 2011
Meet the people behind studies that use nematodes to treat inflammatory diseases. 
Kelly Rae Chi | Feb 1, 2011
Tricks for probing a cell’s moving parts