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Vulva Cave Art
Jef Akst | May 15, 2012
Engravings of female genitalia in a cave in southern France may be the oldest cave art yet discovered.
Music Lessons Benefit Babies
Jef Akst | May 11, 2012
One year olds smile more and communicate better if they participate in interactive music classes with their parents.
Bones Won’t Be Buried Yet
Jef Akst | May 10, 2012
Two 9,000-year-old skeletons will be held by University of California, San Diego, officials—rather than turned over to American Indians for reburial—until a lawsuit is settled.
Opinion: Academia Suppresses Creativity
Fred Southwick | May 9, 2012
By discouraging change, universities are stunting scientific innovation, leadership, and growth.
The Scientist Staff | May 1, 2012
Meet some of the people featured in the April 2012 issue of The Scientist.
Dopamine: Duality of Desire
Marc Lewis | May 1, 2012
Being an ex-drug-addict turned neuroscientist brings a unique insight into the physiological and phenomenological realities of addiction.
Capsule Reviews
Bob Grant | May 1, 2012
Masters of the Planet, Learning from the Octopus, Darwin’s Devices, and Psychology’s Ghosts
Book Excerpt from Memoirs of an Addicted Brain: A Neuroscientist Examines His Former Life on Drugs
Marc Lewis | May 1, 2012
In Chapter 12, "The Opium Fields," author Marc Lewis recounts one night spent in the brain chemistry-bending grip of opium addiction.
Speaking of Science
The Scientist Staff | May 1, 2012
May 2012's selection of notable quotes
Opinion: Data to Knowledge to Action
Eugene Kolker and Elizabeth Stewart | Apr 18, 2012
Introducing DELSA Global, a community initiative to connect experts, share data, and democratize science.