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Book excerpt from The Wisdom of Birds
Tim Birkhead | Mar 1, 2011
In Chapter 9, “Darwin in Denial,” author Tim Birkhead explains how Darwin’s failure to recognize avian female promiscuity resulted in a century of misconceptions about sexual selection
Capsule Reviews
Bob Grant | Mar 1, 2011
Asleep, The Restless Plant, Genetics of Original Sin, Disease Maps
Losers Fight Back
Richard P. Grant | Feb 1, 2011
Editor's choice in developmental biology
Speaking of Science
Not cited | Feb 1, 2011
February 2011's selection of notable quotes
Book excerpt from Everyday Practice of Science
Frederick Grinnell | Feb 1, 2011
In Chapter 3, “Credibility: Validating Discovery Claims,” author Frederick Grinnell details the difficulty in making discoveries that buck current scientific paradigms.
The Evolution of Credibility
Frederick Grinnell | Feb 1, 2011
The winding path that an interesting result takes to become a bona fide discovery is just one of the topics covered in this new book on the practice of science.
Capsule Reviews
Bob Grant | Feb 1, 2011
Quirk, Darwin's Armada, The Death & Life of Monterey Bay, Elegance in Science
Jaume and the Giant Genome
Daniel Grushkin | Feb 1, 2011
A newly minted PhD finds a 150-billion-base-pair-long DNA molecule in a plant.
Appealing Choice
Erika Lorraine Milam | Jan 1, 2011
A book is born from pondering why sexual selection was, for so long, a minor component of evolutionary biology.
Eau de Choice
Richard P. Grant | Jan 1, 2011
Evolutionary biologist Jane Hurst at the University of Liverpool has found that male mice have evolved a cunning trick to distinguish themselves within the dating pool: they produce a specific protein that drives female attraction to male scent, and this molecule, called darcin, helps females remember a specific male's odor.