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Killing with Kindness
Killing with Kindness
Barbara Oakley, Guruprasad Madhavan, Ariel Knafo, and David Sloan Wilson | Feb 1, 2012
Studying the evolution of altruistic behaviors reveals how knee-jerk good intentions can backfire.
Speaking of Science
The Scientist Staff | Feb 1, 2012
February 2012's selection of notable quotes
Botanical Blueprints, circa 1843
Cristina Luiggi | Feb 1, 2012
Anna Atkins, pioneering female photographer, revolutionized scientific illustration using a newly invented photographic technique.
Genghis Jon
Cristina Luiggi | Feb 1, 2012
By helping Mongolians cultivate an understanding of their native insect fauna, scientists hope to protect the country's unique yet fragile ecosystems.
Science Afield
Jef Akst | Feb 1, 2012
Portable wet-lab kits allow even soldiers stationed in war zones to earn college science credits.
Sweet and Sour Science
Ruth Williams | Feb 1, 2012
Japanese researchers unravel the mystery of miracle fruit.
Resignations Over AIDS Denial
Jef Akst | Jan 31, 2012
A member of an Italian journal’s editorial board resigns in protest of a paper denying the link between HIV and AIDs.
Opinion: Celebrities Pushing Drugs?
Howard Brody | Jan 30, 2012
Celebrity spokespeople for pharma companies can manipulate the public’s understanding of disease.
A Peer Review Revolution?
Jef Akst | Jan 24, 2012
A new social network provides a novel forum for science publishing and peer review.
JSTOR For Free
Edyta Zielinska | Jan 17, 2012
JSTOR, the online archive of scholarly journal articles, is offering free but limited access to its database.