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The decline in happiness and the rise in depression might be caused by the overuse of screens leaving less time for activities more beneficial for mental health such as seeing friends in person, sports and exercise, and sleeping..

—San Diego State University psychology researcher Jean Twenge speaking to Business Insider about the emerging phenomenon of tech addiction, especially among young people (February 6)

God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.

—Facebook founding president Sean Parker, on the potential damage wrought by the social network (The Guardian, February 5)

© Victoria Roberts/The New Yorker Collection/The Cartoon Bank

1. Volcanic glass full of cavities
4. Otological passages
8. Pisan who championed heliocentrism
10. Grassy South American plain
11. Unit of weight; snow leopard
12. Brand-new brant, perhaps
13. Site of the medulla oblongata (2...
17. Type of baleen whale like the humpback or minke
19. Word after Canis or Ursa
21. Target of a chemical “seeding”
22. Like the dodo, the moa, and Homo floresiensis
23. White of the eye
24. Straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies


1. Dove’s city cousin
2. Fruit in the genus Cucumis
3. Volcanologist’s depression?
5. Cartology project
6. Reappearance of a lost trait
7. Pore thing?
9. Cellular subunit such as a mitochondrion
13. Rodent hunter on a farm (2 words)
14. Fodder grass that’s also a man’s name
15. Evidence of a dinosaur’s passing
16. Made of small air bubbles, as foam
18. Calf’s feeding station
20. Female donkey

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