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Note: The answer grid will include every letter of the alphabet.
by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon

Many key positions remain unfulfilled, divisions are understaffed, and process
has slowed to a crawl.

—An anonymous US Fish and Wildlife Service staffer answering a survey conducted by the Union of Concerned Scientists in which several thousand federal scientists weighed in on the state of science under the Trump administration (August 14)

Women have a huge capability, sense of problem solving and reasoning that they can contribute to science but both my own experience and general statistics suggest this capability is regularly overlooked and we don’t receive equal opportunity to participate.

Michaela Kendall, an environmental scientist at Birmingham City University who made a freedom of information request to the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, revealing that 90 percent of the government...
7.      Cinematic player of a human hematophage
4.      Dicotyledon used to make wreaths
8.      1911 atomic discovery of Ernest Rutherford
10.    Grouping between class and family
11.    Murder : crows :: ___ : monkeys
12.    Element used to make semiconductors
13.    Koala, possum, or wombat
17.    Have as a natural environment
19.    Venom-injecting snake
21.    Peninsula bridging Asia and Africa
22.    Secretion of an endocrine gland
23.    Mammals with large calves
24.    Hallucinogen from a cactus
1.    Wearing a natural coat of wool
2.    Lizard that licks its own eyeballs
3.    1973 film of a cryopreservation subject
5.    Bikini, for one
6.    In math, the √ sign
7.    Where phonatory muscles are housed
9.    Hirsute biped of cryptozoology
13.  Evergreen shrub with berries and spiny leaves
14.  Division, vis-à-vis multiplication
15.  Puzzle solved without pen or pencil
16.  Change states of matter, in a way
18.  Seawater
20.  Prefix on synthesis

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