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The level of neural activity we are seeing is unprecedented in vitro. We are one step closer to having a model that can actually generate these early stages of a sophisticated neural network.

Alysson Muotri, a University of California, San Diego, neuroscientist who recently published a paper reporting the spontaneous production of fetal brain-wave-like oscillations by human cortical organoids grown from neural stem cells in Petri dishes (Physics World, September 3) 

You can’t uncook a brain any more than you can uncook an egg.

—University of Maryland paleontologist Thomas Holtz talking to National Geographic about recent findings suggesting that tissues in the heads of T. rex and other dinosaur species helped the animals control the temperature of their brains and eyes (September...


1. Work ending “QED”
4. Descriptor for some pimpernel
8. Magnetic resonance imaging tool
9. Tree product foraged by Algonquians
10. Anxiolytic or antipsychotic, commonly
13. Target of botanical theft in the film Adaptation
15. One end of a spectrum
17. Seasonal use of Cucurbita pepo (hyph.)
20. Central dark part of a sunspot
21. Werewolf, vampire, or zombie
23. Contradiction evoked by Hempel’s ravens, e.g.
24. Blemished by papillomaviruses


1. Antiparticle with a charge of +1 e
2. Tribe of northeastern Nebraska
3. Appendage on which a frogfish may walk
4. Injury commonly treated with RICE
5. Descendant of Devonian sarcopterygian fish
6. Milk-producing
7. Pointed branch of an antler
11. Colloid hydrogel to avoid in bogs
12. Whip-tailed, venom-packing kin of a shark
14. One of a cardiac quartet
16. Stable point in ecological succession
18. Compound with a fruity aroma
19. Reservoir of fatty tissue, not water
22. Word before moon, math, age, or wave

Jonny Hawkins

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