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My biggest pet peeve is when white colleagues, who do research for a living, ask me for advice on how to be an ally without having done any research. It’s not hard to find journal articles that detail the impact of diversity, equity and inclusivity initiatives.

Kishana Taylor, a virologist at the University of California, Davis, talking to Nature about her experience as a Black scientist (June 22)

Amid loud (and justifiable!) calls to protect and elevate the role of science, too many scientists and scientific organizations are eerily silent on the issues of racism and social justice—issues that are embedded into the history and practice of science.

500 Women Scientists leadership, writing in Scientific American on the need to address institutional...

6. Lab activity
7. Lawn-damaging larva
8. Culture medium in a Petri dish
9. Study of body language
10. James who wrote The Double Helix
12. Like the horns of an ibex
13. Relatives of the extinct quagga
15. Bone below the sacrum
16. Using scientific methods, as in crime-solving
17. Partner to a radius
19. Presumably aseptic spot of lore
20. The healing arts


1. Calf of a glacier
2. Physician treating brain and spinal trauma
3. Sea monster of Scandinavian lore
4. Pertaining to speech sounds
5. Bad 20-Across practiced by frauds
7. Digestive fluid in the stomach (2 eds.)
11. Pharyngeal tissues that may swell
14. Seed for openers?
15. Homopterous insects with loud tymbals
18. Planetary tally from 1930 until 2006

modified from wikipedia, KeithTyler

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