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You have a deeply polarized electorate, an authoritarian president who wants to use the levers of government to give himself an advantage electorally and a pandemic in the middle of the campaign.

Daniel Carpenter, a professor of government at Harvard University and an expert on the US Food and Drug Administration, talking to The Washington Post about the politicization of COVID-19 treatment and vaccine development (October 11)

The federal government is paying Dr. Bright, one of the nation’s leading experts in pandemic preparedness and response, and an internationally recognized expert in vaccine and diagnostic development, to sit on his hands during a global pandemic that has, to date, killed one million people globally and over 210,000 people within the United States.

—An amended...

7. Order, as of the nucleotide bases in a DNA molecule
8. Living in a state of nature
9. Shape of a DNA package
10. Produce offspring from stocks not related
11. Gregor Mendel’s middle name
13. Relating to the nose
15. Cell formed by the union of two gametes
17. Of the vertebrae directly above the pelvis
18. Sudden variation in an inheritable characteristic
20. Niels who said “A physicist is just an atom’s way of looking at itself”
21. Number of classical elements or fundamental forces
22. Dangerous mistake in self-medication


1. Subject of research by Masters and Johnson
2. Zero value; like a nonfunctional allele
3. Present at nativity, as a trait
4. DNA molecule carrying foreign genetic material into another cell
5. Short stature by dint of achondroplasia
6. Pigment rare among animals
12. Chemist Amedeo with a constant named for him
14. Stage in mitosis
16. Inventor in Menlo Park
17. Connected, as traits inherited together
19. Aerial phenomena defying explanation
20. Anatomist’s study


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