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Note: The answer grid will include every letter of the alphabet.

Generally speaking, coronavirus is not more dangerous for pregnant mothers, but its effect on the foetus, both short term and long term, is still not well understood.

Wahyudi Gani, a gynecologist and obstetrician in Indonesia, where more than 500 pregnant women have tested positive for COVID-19 since the pandemic began (Al Jazeera, July 7)

Because there haven’t been studies like this that have been done before, we have the ability to find new genes that are essential for [fetal] development and viability and reveal new biology about what types of mutations affect fertility.

Ira Hall, a professor of genetics and director of the Yale Center for Genomic Health, in a Yale School of Medicine story announcing an $8 million federal grant awarded to Hall and colleagues to study recurrent pregnancy loss (July 2)

1. Legume grown for hay and forage
5. Game bird in a covey
8. Ecosystem of Tanzania
9. Ursine neonate
10. Like 2017 but not 2018
11. Fruit also known as alligator pear
12. Articular structures
13. Where to spot an epiglottis
16. Great Plains ecosystem
18. Quarry of many NASA searches
20. Prefix on glyceride
21. Approximate weight of a grain of sand
22. Divisions in dendrochronology
23. Drug used to treat atrial fibrillation


1. Author of “Venus and the Cat”
2. Fusion of two gametes
3. Like the day of the summer solstice
4. Cryptozoological creature like Bigfoot (hyph.)
5. National capital closest to the equator
6. Feathered fossil in Solnhofen Limestone
7. Something to do experiments in (2 wds.)
12. Fifth out of eight
14. Cosmologist who appeared on The Big Bang Theory
15. Meteor in a November shower
17. Petrologist’s concern
19. Part of a cow’s gastrointestinal tract