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September D1 2022
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It’s going to really negatively impact science . . . if we have scientists actively avoiding half of this country, or all of it entirely.

—Rosa Lafer-Sousa, a Washington, DC–based postdoc studying neuroscience, speaking to Science about the recent US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which protected the constitutional right to abortions (July 1)

Openness is key. We want to keep the open research system. That’s what made us successful, made our partner countries successful.

—Rebecca Keiser, Chief of Research Security Strategy and Policy at the US National Science Foundation, speaking to Science Business about the need for G7 nations to strike a balance between sharing and security with regard to American science (July 7)

1. Gland producing melatonin
5. Tone quality, in psychoacoustics
8. Organ encased in a pleural sac
9. Biodiversity display in New York City (2 wds.)
10. Adjective from astronomy misapplied to "rise"
12. Sole remaining
13. Where a pupal stage is passed
15. Park features for nature lovers
17. Natural material formed by pedogenesis
19. Current geological epoch, officially
21. Name shared by a geneticist and a loom inventor
23. Metal extracted from galena
24. Scarlet and yellow, among others
25. Pollinator's attraction


2. On the way to parturition (2 wds.)
3. Aquila member
4. Complex structure of the inner ear
5. Early Fibonacci number
6. Upper jawbone
7. Eurasian crows with partly bare faces
11. First leaf of a seedling
14. Muscle associated with 22-Down
16. Flower in the verbena family
18. Tribe based near Tulsa, Oklahoma
20. Common affliction of infants
22. Midsection "sixpack"

Cartoon of lady walking to work holding giant bag over shoulder carried reproductive rights