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The science is rapidly advancing. While mostly in mice at this stage, now is the time to discuss what this means for humans, and consider where and how we draw the line in the sand as the science evolves.

—Megan Munsie, a University of Melbourne stem cell researcher, writing in The Conversation about the recently published Cell paper reporting the creation of mouse embryos using only stem cells and a special incubator (August 5)

1. Distend with eggs, as a fish
4. Relating to light
8. Botanical cluster seen in insignia (2 wds.)
10. Conveying impulses to the muscles
11. What edema-affected plants may do
12. Lab instrument for measuring weight
13. Consumers exclusively of royal jelly (2 wds.)
17. Having no living organisms
19. Papaver somniferum narcotic
21. Anatomical meeting place
22. Breakthrough time in metallurgy (2 wds.)
23. Connected with the ball of the thumb
24. Union of two gametes


1. Lustrous, as abelia foliage
2. Talocrural region
3. Penguin's possible resting spot (2 wds.)
5. Pertaining to blood
6. Bacterial infection for which there's a vaccine
7. Outermost layer of an organ
9. Leonardo with an eponymous number series
13. Alkaloid from cinchona bark
14. Science concerned with habits
15. Flame from a Bunsen burner (2 wds.)
16. Unit of electric current
18. Fish named for its four unpaired fins
20. Last stage of insect metamorphosis

We presume death is a thing, it is a state of being. Are there forms of death that are reversible? Or not?

—Duke University law professor Nita Farahany talking to The New York Times about research published in Nature reporting the results of an experiment in which scientists pumped a solution containing nutrients, anti-inflammatory drugs, nerve blockers, blood, and other substances through the bodies of pigs that had been dead for an hour, reviving some of their cells and tissues to functional states (August 3)
          Cartoon of frankenstein pig