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          January 2023 Crossword
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by Stella Zawistowski

Flu and other respiratory viruses and SARS-CoV-2 just don’t get along very well together. It’s unlikely that they will circulate widely at the same time.

—Virologist Richard Webby of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, speaking to Science regarding the much-discussed threat of a “tripledemic” of flu, RSV, and COVID-19 this winter (November 18)

Twitter’s real value has been in enabling people to connect with each other in real time and as an archive of collective behavior.

Anjana Susarla, a professor of information systems at Michigan State University, writing in The Conversation about the importance of Twitter as a source of data on human behavior (November 18)

1. Part of a tree, whether phylogenetic or literal
4. Practices sexual reproduction
8. Genus of poisonous mushrooms that includes the death cap
10. Neutered male Bos taurus
11. Student in an école
12. Groups of pups that are born together
13. Conclusions on a medical chart
17. Hybrid of the citrus family
19. Big bone in the pelvis
21. Signal’s counterpart, in statistics
22.  ___ plot (graph with two variables)
23. Feature of many esters
24. Style that might cause traction alopecia


1. Glassware in a chemistry lab
2. Tequila source
3. Organism with cells of more than one distinct genotype
5. Factory ___ (software restoration technique)
6. Structure behind a pupil (2 words)
7. State associated with cortisol production
9. Fetal membrane in many vertebrates
13. Substance between a tooth’s enamel and pulp
14. Meadowsweet, by another name
15. Scorpion attacks
16. Product of a fertility clinic
18. El Niño ___ (Pacific Ocean climate pattern)
20. Prefix with “molecular” or “mitotic”

          Illustration of viruses fighting in a boxing arena 
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