ABOVE: The Scientist Staff

Crossword puzzle
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1. Sound that may activate fear circuitry in the brain
5. Tool that helps researchers find genetic variations that affect health and disease
8. Antibody construct that simultaneously binds tumor antigens and T cell surface molecules
9. Like the fringes of subtropical deserts
10. Old UK coin worth 1/4 of a penny
12. DNA segment that encodes an amino acid sequence
13. Neurology biotech company named for North America’s tallest mountain
15. Blizzards, for example
17. What histograms visualize
19. “Naked” subterranean rodents
21. Loss of a base pair, say
23. Way to communicate with a Deaf person
24. Extreme genomic stability
25. Refining, as parameters


2. Important influence on epigenetic expression
3. DNA replication in the cell cycle, for one
4. Presence of two or more cell lineages in the same organism
5. Protein in the GRAS family of transcriptional regulators
6. Part of a clinical trial control arm, often
7. -NH2
11. Jupiter or Saturn, for example
14. Rhododendron subgroup
16. Substance that causes a genetic alteration
18. Biologic ___ (interleukin, e.g.)
20. Nonconductive organic secretion
22. Antibodies with heavy and light chains, for short