ABOVE: modified from © istock.com, BlackJack3D, Tetiana Lazunova

     May 2023 crossword
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7.  Adjective used to describe research that aims to find applications for basic science
8. Synaptic ___ (neuron feature)
9. Lipid bilayer enclosed structures
10. Structures formed by Desulfobulbaceae bacteria
11. Word that can follow “circulatory,” “respiratory,” or “nervous”
13. SI unit of pressure
16. Element whose tetroxide is useful as a staining agent
18. Proteins that provide structural support for chromosomes
20. Gram stain, for example
21. Sugar that is a component of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone


1. Muse of astronomy, in Greek myth
2. Like bone development and muscle mass gain
3. Culinarily useful products of Syzygium aromaticum
4. Lack of evolutionary change, for example
5. Cultivar of the European pear
6. Haploid cell type
12. Some manifestations of infection
14. Falcon, ferret, or fennec fox
15. Telomere measurement that lessens with age
16. Dwell (on)
17. Bearlike
19. Lacrimal gland emission