<figcaption> Credit: © Karin Pierre / Institut de Physiologie, Unil, Lausanne</figcaption>
Credit: © Karin Pierre / Institut de Physiologie, Unil, Lausanne

N IS FOR NEURO » November is neuroscience month, both in our pages (A Potent Protein), and in Washington DC. On the 15th, attendees of the 38th annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience will gather to hear the latest on their fields. Organizers are expecting more than 30,000 people this year. For more, visit http://www.sfn.org/am2008.

NOVEL DISORDER » 102 years ago this month, Alois Alzheimer described a patient with trouble with speech and memory. When she died, Alzheimer performed an autopsy, and noticed remarkable changes to the brain. The scientific understanding of Alzheimer's disease has improved, but we are still searching for answers, including from children with related disease Niemann-Pick C, described in "Twin Disorders".

NOTABLE NEWS » Authors Bert Hölldobler and Edward O. Wilson team up once again to pen The Superorganism,...

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