BLOOMING SCIENTISTS >> This month, The Scientist tackles a variety of issues in the life of a scientist, from tenure (see "Does tenure need to change?"), to salary (see "Life Sciences Salary Report 2007"), to becoming a teacher (see "From grad school to grade school"). Your kids (and you) can read more about career options for science lovers in Career Ideas for Kids Who Like Science, by Diane Lindsey Reeves, coming out this month from Facts on File.

LIPID LOW-DOWN >> Jerold Chun traces the discovery of lysophospholipid receptor, and describes where research in this field is headed, (see "How the Lysophospholipid Got its Receptor"). His train of thought continues with a talk at the Bioactive Lipids in Cancer, Inflammation and Related Diseases conference, September 16-19 in Montreal, Canada. View the list of speakers at


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