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DOLLY TURNS 10 >> Had she lived, Dolly, the sheep cloned from an udder cell's nucleus, would have turned 10 on July 5. After Dolly: The Uses and Misuses of Human Cloning, by lead author on the 1997 announcement of Dolly's birth, Ian Wilmut and journalist Roger Highfield was released last month.

BCG VACCINE TURNS 85 >> On July 18, 1921, Albert Calmette and Camille Guerin of the Pasteur Institute first administered the tuberculosis vaccine that would eventually become known as the BCG (Bacille Guerin-Calmette) vaccine and be used around the world. Today, the vaccine is also used to treat early-stage bladder cancer.

A COMPLEMENTARY BOOK >> If the subject of this month's feature on complement inhibition for paroxysmal nocturnal hematuria (see p. 34) piques your interest, you might want to buy Current Topics in Complement, the first edition of which, edited...

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