DARWIN TURNS 197» Charles Darwin's birthday is February 12. Shrewsbury, UK, his birthplace, will be celebrating the entire month, while universities around the world, including Duquesne University, a Catholic university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, will be holding "Darwin Days" Duquesne reminds those who ask why a Catholic university would hold a Darwin Day, that "the Catholic Church is not at odds with science, even evolutionary biology" See http://tinyurl.com/bww7y

BOOK TO NOTE » Columbia University Press will release Darwin's Harvest: New Approaches to the Origins, Evolution, and Conservation of Crops, a Molecular Approach. The authors - Timothy J. Motley of the New York Botanical Garden, Nyree Zerega of the Chicago Botanic Garden, and Hugh Cross of the National Herbarium of the Netherlands review how molecular techniques are used to understand crop evolution.

DON'T BELIEVE IT » Those investigating the mess that is Woo-Suk Hwang's scientific legacy might want to attend the...

THE VISA MASTER CARD » In June, the US National Academy of Sciences said that, despite improvements in its visa process, the US was still seen as an unwelcoming place for foreign graduate students and postdocs. A New York Academy of Sciences event on Feb. 7 at the Rockefeller University. (http://tinyurl.com/co4jo) will show you how to navigate the visa process.

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