3D Image Analysis Software

Media Cybernetics® Releases the All New Image-Pro® Premier 3D Image Analysis Software.

Apr 30, 2014
Media Cybernetics

Media Cybernetics announces the release of the powerful, all new Image-Pro Premier 3D image analysis software designed for scientific and industrial image analysis and image processing.

April 24, 2014 (Rockville, MD) – Media Cybernetics, a leading global software developer of image analysis products, announces that its highly anticipated Image-Pro Premier 3D 9.1 software application is now available for pre-orders. This powerful software delivers stunning multi-dimensional visualization, rendering, counting, measuring and reporting from within the trusted Image-Pro Premier platform. New users will be shocked by the number of intuitive new tools for interactive 3D and 4D analysis affordably offered along with a full complement of Image-Pro’s popular 2D processing and analysis capabilities. Image analysis professionals from a wide variety of disciplines can expect this product to deliver quantitative and reproducible results in less time and for less cost than many of the competitors.

Image-Pro Premier 3D will serve as a unique image analysis tool for researchers in a variety of life science fields, industrial inspection/manufacturing, material science, electronics, and geosciences. Unlike other 3D image analysis products, Image-Pro Premier 3D is a 64-bit standalone platform that doesn’t require costly modules, proprietary hardware, or advanced training to get started. Media Cybernetics, an American company, provides full support for its products at no additional charge and supports users in cutting edge research using the unmodified platform or through customization using Image-Pro’s programmable macro language.

“Until now, the research market was in need of truly great 3D/4D image analysis software that strikes the balance among affordability, ease of use, and flexibility” said Nick Beavers, Global Sales and Marketing Manager. “As imaging technology advanced, and research professionals continued to push the boundaries of image size, length, and complexity, it became imperative that a solution be created. Our goal was to encompass research science as a whole with tools general enough for everyone, but flexible enough to provide answers for near vertical applications. With this, we are pleased to introduce Image-Pro Premier 3D, as the future of image analysis software.”

Image-Pro Premier 3D is now available as a 14-day trial version for download and evaluation. It will be available through your local Media Cybernetics dealer or sales representative. Learn more at: http://www.mediacy.com