A comprehensive solution for cell lysis, RNA removal and purification of intact genomic DNA from a wide variety of biological samples, including, but not limited to, cultured cells, blood and mammalian tissues.

New England BioLabs
May 15, 2019

New England Biolabs® (NEB®) today announced the release of its Monarch Genomic DNA Purification Kit. The kit offers extremely effective, high-yield purification of high molecular weight DNA fragments (with peak size >50 kb), making it an excellent choice upstream of long-read sequencing platforms. Furthermore, the inclusion of RNase A, optimized protocols and buffer chemistry of the kit enable researchers to prevent RNA contamination (RNA levels are generally less than 1%) and address a wide variety of sample types without having to purchase any specialized kits.

"We are excited to round out our Monarch product line with one of the most versatile DNA purification kits on the market," says Danielle Freedman, Product Marketing Manager at New England Biolabs. "We anticipate this kit will benefit researchers working with many different sample types, particularly those working with tissues that are notoriously difficult to work with, such as fibrous or fatty tissue."

Because the lysis step of purification has traditionally been the most time consuming, the protocols have been tailored to utilize different buffers depending on sample type, accelerating this step substantially. Moreover, tough-to-lyse samples, such as bacteria and yeast, can be processed with additional steps that enhance lysis. Protocols are also included to enable purification from clinically-relevant samples, such as saliva and cheek swabs. The kit employs a warm elution step, which not only helps to efficiently purify large DNA fragments, but also enables elution of highly-pure DNA in a single elution step.

Other advantages of the kit include:

  • Excellent documentation and detailed protocols
  • Elution can be carried out in as little as 35 µl
  • Elution buffer is formulated for long term storage

Finally, in alignment with NEB's commitment to promoting sustainable practices, the Monarch purification column is manufactured using reduced amounts of plastic, and the kit is packaged using more sustainable, recyclable materials.

The Monarch Genomic DNA Purification Kit complements NEB's qPCR, PCR and NGS workflows, and can be utilized with these product lines accordingly. The columns and buffers are also available separately for added convenience.