Arbor Biosciences® Produces Novel 2019 Coronavirus Panel and Offers for Free to Research Community

A hybridization-based panel for isolation and NGS analysis of the 2019 novel coronavirus, for research use only.

Arbor Biosciences
Feb 12, 2020

Arbor Biosciences®, a division of Chiral Technologies, Inc. and leader in developing molecular biology research tools, today announced the release of a myBaits Expert hybridization-based panel for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). The next-generation sequencing panel is for research use only, and will be offered free of charge to global researchers working to help identify the source organism and evolution of the virus. 

Leveraging their expertise in designing and manufacturing high performance NGS enrichment panels for pathogens, Arbor Biosciences produced the new 2019-nCoV panel in just one week following a request from the research community. To aid in urgent research on this global threat, Arbor will provide complete 2019-nCoV hybridization capture kits free of charge to researchers worldwide who are studying the epidemiological and phylogenetic properties of this novel virus. 

“After receiving the initial request for a 2019-nCoV panel, the urgency of the situation made it clear that we should make comprehensive study kits available as quickly as possible to all members of the virology research community”, stated Alison Devault, Director of Genomics at Arbor Biosciences. “As agencies work to contain the spread of the virus, the Arbor team is honored to provide any resources that we can to aid researchers in studying the evolution of this new pathogen. Our thoughts continue to be with all the healthcare workers, researchers, and victims of the tragic COVID-19 outbreak.” 

The myBaits Expert 2019-nCoV panel is based on all full and partial genome sequences available in the NCBI database as of January 31, 2020. Arbor is actively accepting requests for the panel, which is available for immediate shipment.