DeNovoMAX - NRGene's new genomics tool to meet a major agbio need:

NRGene has launched a new product that aims to empower breeding and maximize agricultural yield as part of the Denovo assembly product suite offered by the company.

Jul 16, 2019

DeNovoMAX is a lean version of the legacy DeNovoMAGIC platform, which has been cited many times in scientific literature due to the high quality of results it generates. The two assembly products complement one another. DeNovoMAGIC relies on high coverage to provide a full-service genome assembly to all organisms at the highest standard of results (regardless of complexity), whereas DeNovoMAX maximizes efficiency by using a leaner library setup with minimal compromise in quality. DeNovoMax is designed to meet the applicative genomics needs of professional breeders and will be offered to the most popular homozygote species such as wheat, tobacco, tomato, pepper, cotton, corn, soybean, sunflower and more.

As a result of NRGene’s data production optimizations and cutting-edge sequencing technologies such as Illumina’s NovaSeq, DeNovoMax is available at a significant price reduction. Furthermore, NRGene will also offer the option to include Pac-Bio long reads into its assembly on the DeNovoMAX. This addition will improve continuity and will complement NRGene’s high-end, short-read based solution.