DNASTAR Releases Lasergene 17.1 Software

DNASTAR® announced the release of Lasergene® 17.1, which includes significant updates to the core molecular biology and sequencing analysis applications within the Lasergene software suite. 


In response to customer requests, DNASTAR has expanded MegAlignTM Pro, the multiple sequence alignment program, to include sequence editing capabilities such as trimming and reverse complement, as well as expanded phylogenetic analysis options. The software now offers an easy-to-use interface for creating Maximum Likelihood trees and bootstrapping calculations. 

For users working with sequencing data, Lasergene 17.1 includes many new enhancements for Sanger, Next Generation, and long read sequencing technologies. This release expands on the new SeqMan® Ultra application, which was launched earlier this year, to include support for multiple sample analysis and visualization in a single project. DNASTAR has also added new workflows to support de novo genome assembly with PacBio and Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing data, with or without Illumina correction. 

Other enhancements include a new viral-host integration workflow that automates the precise locating of prophage and retrovirus insertion sites in a host genome during alignment. The software also includes new capabilities for batch cloning, expanding on the ever-popular SeqBuilder Pro application for cloning and plasmid map creation and saving users time when cloning multiple fragments or working with multiple vector sequences. 

This mix of new molecular biology and genomics features in Lasergene 17.1 highlights DNASTAR’s commitment to serving researchers working in a wide range of fields and with diverse technologies. DNASTAR Marketing Manager Katie Maxfield said, “with Lasergene 17.1, we wanted to address customer requests for automation and enhanced sequence analysis, while at the same time, meet the needs of a changing sequencing market. This release continues our legacy of helping molecular biology researchers tackle their most pressing sequence analysis needs with elegant, scalable and easy-to-use software.”