Flexible Amersham™ Typhoon™ NIR Plus Biomolecular Imager for near-infrared multiplex detection

Save time with accurate quantitation of three proteins, enabling normalization, in a single blot 

GE Healthcare
16 May 2017 – Amersham™ Typhoon™ NIR Plus is the latest modular and upgradable near-infrared imaging system from GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business. NIR Plus’ three-laser flexible configuration provides two essential NIR channels, as well as a third visible laser channel for triplex protein detection to facilitate normalization and the reduction of blot-to-blot variation, saving valuable research time.
Ideal for multiuser environments, it delivers extremely sensitive detection, high image resolution, and a very broad linear dynamic range with multi-fluorescent, and stained samples. Able to scan up to 9 microtiter plates simultaneously, it is also suitable for high-throughput screening, and enables the detection of distinct, high-resolution bands in Western blotting.
NIR Plus is an affordable, user-friendly, open imaging platform that is compatible with most commercially-available NIR detection reagents. Its open-format data files enables direct analysis with commonly used image analysis software such as ImageJ.
NIR Plus accommodates a...
Amersham Typhoon NIR Plus offers:
  • Time Saving: Visualize up to 3 proteins, including normalization, in a single blot
  • Sample diversity: Images tissue sections, plant leaves, and cell colonies as well as gels, membranes, multi-well plates and dishes*
  • High sensitivity: Detects signals as low as 3 pg of protein, and differences across a broad linear dynamic range greater than 5 orders of magnitude 
  • High resolution: Pixel resolution as low as 10 µm
  • High sample throughput: Large  scanning area (40 x 46 cm) can simultaneously scan 9 microtiter plates, or 20 gels/blots
  • Easy-to-use interface: Open-format data files are compatible with image analysis software such as ImageJ
  • Flexibility: Modular and upgradable platform, from 2 up to 5 lasers
*Depending on the sample format, additional accessories might be needed for best performance
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