NEW Pipette Tip Refill System: Refill Revolution

SARSTEDT introduces an innovative, flexible, and eco-friendly new pipette tip refill system called the Refill Revolution.

May 14, 2020

The system is comprised of four options: a reusable Box, SingleRefills, StackPacks, and bagged tips. The central Box is compact yet robust, closes tightly during transport, storage, and autoclaving, and is easily refilled. Lightweight SingleRefills are made of 41% less plastic material than the Box yet are completely sealed to protect tips from contamination during transfer to the Box. StackPacks significantly reduce plastic materials and packaging volume yet are exceptionally stable, with sturdy trays that are firmly anchored to each other to prevent spills. Bulk tip bags feature a tamper-evident seal and zip closure.  

All SARSTEDT Refill Revolution tips are certified free of DNA, DNase, and RNase, are CE marked as an in vitro diagnostic product, and meet the ISO 8655-2 testing standard. Some options are additionally sterile and free of PCR inhibitors, ATP, and pyrogens. Standard tips as well as filtered and low retention options are available. All tip trays feature highly resistant laser marking of tip volume, lot number, and expiration date, and are color-coded for volume.