Synthego Receives ELRIG Technology Award for Company’s Arrayed CRISPR Screening Libraries

Presented at ELRIG’s CRISPR in Drug Discovery 2020, the Award Underscores the Impact of Synthego’s Screening Libraries to Support Full Continuum of Therapy Discovery and Development


Synthego, the genome engineering company, today announced it received the Technology Award at the European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group’s (ELRIG) CRISPR in Drug Discovery 2020 meeting in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Selected from among 19 nominees as the 2020 winner by the international team of drug discovery experts, Synthego’s Arrayed CRISPR Screening Libraries were recognized as an innovation in increasing efficiency in preclinical stages of drug discovery. 

"As CRISPR screening in cell lines becomes more routine, the next frontier is to implement these approaches in more complex model systems, such as primary cells,” said Jonathan Weissman, professor of Biology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “Synthego's Arrayed CRISPR Screening Libraries and sgRNA kits have been transformative for our high-throughput screening efforts to answer central questions in innate immune recognition, antigen presentation, and T-cell polarization, among others, in primary human dendritic cells." 

By using an arrayed CRISPR screen, researchers investigate how human cells respond to the disruption of each gene across the whole genome. This step plays a critical role in the acceleration of the drug discovery workflow by enabling researchers to advance quickly from identifying the potential therapeutic targets to verifying them. Depending on the needs of the experiment, each of Synthego’s pre-designed, multi-guide Arrayed CRISPR Libraries can be used separately or combined for primary screening for target identification and or validation, eliminating logistical challenges while securing consistent gene-editing efficiencies. The company’s complete library achieves up to 90% editing efficiency with high consistency across all human cell types.     

“The recognition by the ELRIG underscores the importance of our continued focus on advancing progress towards more accelerated life sciences innovation from early research to clinical introduction,” said Michael Nemzek, Chief Commercial Officer of Synthego. “To help better understand which genes play key roles in biological responses and disease pathology represents another critical application of CRISPR-based genome engineering in advancing therapeutic discovery.” 

Synthego’s Screening Libraries represent a novel approach to the precise identification of the relationship between a potential therapeutic and its genetic target in all human cell types. Including every protein-coding gene in the human genome, these libraries deliver precise whole-genome screening even in human primary and stem cells, based on the proprietary multi-guide design that is the subject of a pending patent application.