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Rise Up! Yeast Uniting for Science

You may not expect much from our unicellular brethren, but you'd be remiss to underestimate their collective power. Yeast have been the driving force behind many uprisings throughout history: the dawn of bread, the dawn of beer, and the dawn of bioproduction. Whether you're simply a big fan of baked goods or toiling to streamline your culture conditions and workflow, show your appreciation for this one-cell wonder!

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Peas: The Original Model Organism

Gregor Mendel, O.G. - Original Geneticist
(1822 - 1884)
Maybe it's the monk's robe, or maybe it's the years he spent planning and crossing...

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Finches be Speciatin' - DJ Chucky D

Are you excited by evolution? Bonkers for beak shape? Is your office festooned with finches? If so, you'll enjoy this reimagining of Charles Darwin's eureka moment aboard the H.M.S. Beagle when he realized why there were so many different species of finch on the Galapagos islands. 

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The Absurdity of Lab Equipment

When you're done discussing the boundaries of our physical universe, why not start discussing the questions of our metaphysical one? If you do it in French, you'll sound even smarter, so pourquoi pas? Just make sure that YOU understand the punchline before you start telling people the joke!

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