Empowering Clinically Relevant Modeling Using NSGTM 

NOD scid gamma (NSGTM), a highly immunodeficient mouse only available from The Jackson Laboratory, provides the unmatched ability to model normal and malignant tissues and cells notoriously difficult to engraft and study in other mouse strains, including: • Hematopoietic stem cells (hu-NSGTM) • Patient-derived xenografts (PDX) • PDX-bearing hu-NSGTM for immuno-oncology research 

JAX® offers humanized NSGTM and NSGTM-based strains with additional manipulations of the host (including the NSGJPG-SGM3 strain that expresses the human cytokines IL-3, GM-CSF, and SCF) for an enhanced ability to recapitulate specific functions of human disease in vivo. These humanized NSGTM strains have superior T cell- and B cell-dependent immune responses, antibody production, and myeloid engraftment. 

PDX-engrafted NSGTM mice from our In Vivo Pharmacology Services are early passage to maintain tumor structure fidelity and cellular heterogeneity that is seen in the patient. These models serve as a clinically relevant platform...

Whether you are investigating the interactions between host immune cells and pathogens, tumors and immune cells, or require an oncological platform to test your therapeutic compounds, NSGTM mice have revolutionized how infectious disease and cancer research is conducted. By supporting the engraftment of human immune cells and tumors, the NSGTM has transformed the approach taken by the biomedical community to understand human diseases. 

Download this poster from The Jackson Laboratory to learn more about immunodeficient mouse strains apt for your research!

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