Myriad Settles Suit

The Utah-based firm has settled its lawsuit claiming patent infringement against Pathway Genomics.

Tracy Vence
Jan 26, 2015

NHGRIMyriad Genetics and Pathway Genomics last week (January 23) agreed to settle a patent dispute between them outside of court. In June, Myriad sued Pathway, claiming patent infringement.

Under the settlement agreement, Myriad and its co-patent holders—including the University of Utah, the University of Pennsylvania, and Endorecherche, Inc., of Québec—will dismiss their claims, and Pathway will, in turn, dismiss counterclaims it launched against Myriad. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“We are very pleased to close this chapter and continue our focus on providing innovative cancer risk testing to patients around the world,” Pathway Genomics founder and CEO Jim Plante said in a statement.

Hat tip: GenomeWeb Daily News