Neurosurgery Resident Plagiarized Research

A physician doing a residency at the University of Virginia Medical Center was caught copying sections of text and an illustration in multiple NIH-funded papers.

Nov 7, 2011
Bob Grant


The US Government's Office of Research Integrity has found that former University of Virgina Medical Center physician resident Jayant Jagannathan committed plagiarism in five published research papers reporting results of projects funded by the National Institutes of Health, according to an announcement last week in the Federal Register. Jagannathan's research explored the use of genomic and proteomic markers as hallmarks of a variety of neurological disorders, from glioblastoma multiforme (a type of brain tumor) to traumatic brain injury. The five papers containing plagiarized material were published from 2005 to 2009. Three of the five papers were retracted earlier this year, and one—a study on proteomic profiling as a way to diagnose and treat neurological disorders—has been "withdrawn," according to the website of the journal Neurosurgery, where it was published in 2009. Jagannathan agreed to be closely supervised and tracked for a four-year period when participating in federally-funded research. He also agreed to retract the remaining paper, published in Neurosurgical Clinics of North America in 2008.