New Year, New Lab

Scientists share their 2016 resolutions across Twitter.

Karen Zusi
Jan 5, 2016

FLICKR, AMYWith vows to start 2016 on the right foot, scientists on Twitter have found a community of resolution-makers in the kickoffs of #LabGoals2016 by @drugmonkey, #ChemResolutions by @MrMattDavenport, and #SciResolutions by @realscientists. The hashtags have attracted their own niche audiences, but many share common themes.

Inspiration and support

@RBevins: “#LabGoals2016 Facilitate success of my trainees with higher impact experiments, faster turn around on papers, and increased funding #UNL”

‏@okaysteve: “build a synergistic & warm lab where students' and postdocs' goals are priority number 1 bc science is timeless and we are not #LabGoals2016”

‏@Prof_Riggins: “#LabGoals2016 encourage my postdoc to shine.”

Career advancement

@kristindownie: “#SciResolutions 1. bring back the boundary between lab & life 2. submit 2/4 languishing papers 3. find my research direction #LabGoals2016”

‏@DrGlitterbear: “#LabGoals2016 publish 13 manuscripts, get a score on an R01, resubmit 2 R01, 2 PhD...

‏@EKurdzo: “#LabGoals2016 Publish my dissertation work, defend my PhD, and move onto a new and exciting project as a Postdoc in Boston area”

‏@SKZingales: “My #ChemResolutions and #LabGoals2016 are to pass my pre-tenure review, submit 3 grants, 3 papers, and recruit 3 new students.”

Science outreach

@BiophysicalFrog: “Improve scicomm/tweeting/scicomm tweeting/writing in general. Truly dedicate time to a) writing b) thinking #SciResolutions”

@EllenMellon_88: “@realscientists finish PhD and get back into science outreach and #Scicom #SciResolutions”

@cenewman0: “#SciResolutions Also, do more outreach! Many fun & awesome opportunities to reach Louisianians through @LSU_MNS.@realscientists”


@nano_Kyle: “This year I will clean my nmr tubes immediately after use #chemresolutions”

‏@slavabernat: “My #ChemResolutions for the new year: clean(er) bench and 100% labeled tubes #RealTimeChem”

‏@Dr_JIJ: “I will wash my labcoat more than one a year. #ChemResolutions”

@zenbrainest: “#LabGoals2016 Goals? Geeze we just make it up as we go.”

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