Nurse Infected with Ebola in Spain

The case marks the first person to contract the virus outside of West Africa.

Kerry Grens
Oct 6, 2014

WIKIMEDIA, THOMAS W GEISBERT, BOSTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEAfter caring for a priest who had flown home to Spain after being infected with Ebola virus, a nurse has tested positive for the infection. While patients in the U.S. and elsewhere have become infected the virus in afflicted countries and returned home for treatment, the Spanish nurse is the first to have contracted it outside of West Africa.

According to The Guardian, the “nurse arrived at a hospital in Alcorcón with a high fever on Monday [October 5], officials said, and two round[s] of tests proved positive for the virus, said Spain’s health minister, Ana Mato.” The Associated Press reported that the nurse’s only symptom was a fever, and that health authorities are tracking down any contacts she’s had recently.

Meanwhile, Thomas Duncan, the man who last week was diagnosed with Ebola in a Dallas, Texas hospital is now...