TS Picks: December 8, 2015

CRISPR mouse models; microbes and mammalian thermoregulation; Royal Society embraces ORCID; more

Tracy Vence
Dec 7, 2015


Selections from The Scientist’s reading list:

  • “In mice—and probably in human beings as well—partial control of the body’s thermostat is in the hands of subcontractors”—commensal microbes, The Economist noted this week (December 5) in its report on a December 3 Cell paper from the University of Geneva’s Mirko Trajkovski and his colleagues.
  • Stat News this week (December 7) examined how CRISPR-based genome editing could help expedite preclinical research.
  • Starting next month, the Royal Society will ask authors submitting papers to its journals to provide an Open Researcher and Contributor ID, or ORCID iD, it announced this week (December 7). Freely available ORCID iDs help distinguish scientists from one another, and are especially helpful for people with similar names. “We believe that publishers have a key role in promoting systems that provide support to researchers and to science,” the Royal Society’s Stuart Taylor, publishing...